Our Strategy-

To reach the tribal communities and achieve all three dimensions on which we are working i.e. education, health and sanitation we divided the area in four respective blocks which covers 70 villages of tribes in Jaunsar and Bawar regions and focuses on 1700 children. It also provides technical support for NGO’s working in Rudraprayag, the disaster affected area of Uttarakhand.

CRPWS is mainly working in the tribal areas of Jaunsar and Bawar for the betterment of the underprivileged communities so that each and every individual and specially children understand their rights and learn the importance of education and represent themselves through child journalism on a large scale with much more efficient manner. We provide free media classes to children where they learn about media platforms like radio, print, electronic and new media technologies.

Where We Work-

Our working area is dedicated to rural, under privileged and tribal regions of Uttarakhand. Our working area is divided into four major areas Sahiya, Koti, Chakrata and Veshugilani of Jaunsar Bawar which altogether covers 70 tribal villages.

Our projects


  1. Media Literacy project in tribal area Jaunsar Bawar

It is a ‘Training and Skill Development Programme’ on the use of media for communication which is a two year programme. The project was necessary to be implemented in the region as it provides a platform to build their capacity as child journalists and raise the regional issues in print, electronic and social media. It would also help to create responsible citizens who remain aware of their rights and certainly will help to draw attention among the concerned authorities. Activities divided in parts like Skill Development in print media, Radio production and Understanding issues with Audio-Visual production.

  1. Classroom Library project in Koti colony, Jaunsar.

This project is designed to provide a facility of sustainable Library for students of a school in Koti. Through the help of donation we will collect books from elementary to higher education and provide them to library.

  1. Free tuitions for children in tribal areas of Uttarakhand.

To inform, aware and educate adolescents we also begin voluntary effort where our volunteers reach the schools of tribal areas and give them free tuitions which helps to cover their syllabus and also provide guidance.



–              Sustainable Library project in disaster affected areas in Rudraprayag.

–              Youth knowledge sharing project in Government Degree College, Jakholi.

–              Establishment of a Child Newspaper in tribal area of Jaunsar.

–              Health camps and health education in tribal areas.