our programs

  • Media Literacy/Skills training program
  • Health and Environment education program
  • Classroom Library project
  • Free tuitions program
  • Health camps in our project areas
  • Career guidance programs among tribal adolescents

Project Area

Our working area is divided into four major areas Sahiya, Koti, Chakrata and Vishugilani of Jaunsar Bawar which altogether covers 70 tribal villages. And our projects are based on four dimensions Education, Environment, Health and Sanitation.

Our Objectives

  • Implementation of the Youth Knowledge sharing project in Rudraprayag
  • To educate adolescents about their rights so they can also raise their voice
  • Establishment of a Child newspaper in tribal area of Jaunsar
  • Provide knowledge of media usage and communication skills
  • Initiate Classroom Library project in Koti colony

help & support

Your small contribution can change a life of thousands and develop the underprivileged community. Your contribution can create a better world for them. Help them dreaming better standards of life and support the organisation for a good cause.